I) Production

  • Our main activity in Agro farms is producing and exporting our own produce. 
  • Agro farms also provides outside markets with their needs from either vegetables or fruits that are not produced by Agro farms taking into consideration the specifications required.
  • Moreover, Agro farms prefers to produce its own nurseries in order to guarantee that it is free from any viruses that may harm the crop.
  • Agro farms has gained the trust of numerous customers all over the world, from European markets to the Middle Eastern markets as well as the local market
  • Agro farms ' products are being exported to various European countries including United Kingdom, Holland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, and Scotland.

II ) Consultancy & Management

Our long partnership with farming gives us the knowledge and experience to understand the specialized needs of agribusiness

We provide a broad range of services related to technical issues facing agribusiness and have developed expertise in the following agricultural-related areas:

  • Provide customers and growers with consulta tions in agriculture process.
  • Manage and supervise clients' farms from A to Z.
  • Provide customers with experienced manpower such as labor and engi neers.
  • Buy customers' crop production, which conform to European specifications and requirements.