Agro Farms is always striving for better quality control systems in all areas in order to ensure the freshness, healthiness, and cleanliness of our products. High quality control systems are imperative in order to gain customer satisfaction and meet with the European and International standards.

- Certificates:
Agro Farms is accredited the Global Gap, BRC, Tesco Nature’s Choice (TNC), and the ISO 22000)”

- Quality Analyses:
Several quality analyses are implemented to guarantee the healthiness and freshness of our products.

- Physical Analysis:
In order to optimize customer satis faction, our products are always tested for: Color, Odor, Taste, and Diameter.

- Microscopic analysis:
The microscopic analysis is imple mented to ensure that our fruits are free of insects, or any foreign matter.

- Microbiological Analysis:
To guarantee the healthiness and purity of our products, a number of microbiological are applied.

- Pesticide analysis:
The pesticide analysis is implemented to ensure that there's no trace of unlisted pesticides on the crop.