Agriculture is considered one of the most important businesses in Egypt due to its stable climate condition, rich soil, as well as several other factors, that are suitable for planting a variety of crops.
My experience in the agricultural field gained during the past thirty years enabled me to establish my own company and to adopt both the basis and latest technologies.

In order to promote agricultural products, one should always aim to produce healthy crops, free from diseases, and of very high quality. This will be achieved through carrying out new researches and testing the related outputs.

Agro farms has succeeded in the past few years to create a very high demand on our products in Europe and Arab Countries due to our high quality that enables us to export almost 90% of our production. Accordingly, this will be reflected on the development and growth of the agricultural and export sectors of Egypt.

Currently, we are increasing the volume of investments to double our production so as to fulfill the current demand on our products taking into consideration the quality and specifications required in production.

Finally, we at Agro farms are driven by the code: "The Road to success is always under construction."


Mohamed Awad
Agro farms - Chairman